Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Africa is not a country: How the Indian government and media have mishandled the racist attacks

In Scroll.in

May 31, 2016

Colour matters. In India, it matters a lot. We knew that much before the recent attacks on people who are being described as African nationals.

We knew that just on the basis of the persistence of fairness cream commercials, including those for men.

But black lives don't matter. For we must admit that not all people from Africa are insulted, jeered at, called all kinds of horrid names and every now and then beaten up and even killed. It is only those of a certain colour that we Indians seem to hate.

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Raghavan S said...

The article is all about “Racism” which is a threat in many countries across the world. Over decades India and Africa have undergone the same type of struggle against colonialism and apartheid. India is multi ethnic, multi linguistic and so is Africa when viewed in totality. In the last Indo-Africa forum Summit in New Delhi in Oct 2015, BJP under Mr Modi representing India and all Countries of Africa had endorsed on a close partnership anchored in the principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit in order that relationship takes countries beyond economic and trade activities to people to people contacts, exchange of knowledge in education, healthcare and other areas that primarily determine development. This is a proof of India’s change in attitude with Africans being looked upon more as partners and not alien through racism.
In a vast country like ours, incidents such as these do take place while efforts should be on vigil that they do not spurt, these are not to be construed and projected as ones tarnishing the image in toto. While immediate condemn of such issues by leaders assures recognition of evil at top, it is actions against these that will have far reaching effect than words.