Saturday, January 26, 2019

On being a Readers' Editor

I was appointed Readers' Editor for the digital platform, which turns five today, last month.  This is what it means:

"’s Readers’ Editor has three main responsibilities:
  1. To inquire into and respond to readers’ concerns and complaints.
  2. To advise the editor on where corrections and clarifications are necessary.
  3. To advise on how to improve standards in the magazine across a wide swath of areas.
The Readers’ Editor reports to’s readers. The editor and publisher have no say in what the Readers’ Editor takes up for investigation and cannot influence her findings."

I am posting below the links to the four columns I have already written, for those who are interested in media related issues:

A conversation with the readers:

Newsrooms must begin conversations about how we discuss caste:

More than 'pliable',  journalists must condemn attacks on colleagues:

This election, media should give voice to the poor, not just politicians: