Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First Post

I've joined the league of bloggers, finally, for two reasons:

One, the Indian government recently blocked blogs in its attempt to do something about terrorism. As a person who has lived through the Emergency and press censorship, I found this decision senseless, to say the least. It is a typical reaction from a government that has not thought through its policies and also does not have a clear view of what freedom of expression really means.

Two, members of my family and friends have suggested I create a blog. I have resisted because I have little time to spend "blogging" when there's so much else routine writing that has to be done as part of my job. But often I do have views that don't necessarily mesh with what I can publish in my newspaper or elsewhere. What a perfect place this is to begin and continue conversations on issues that concern so many of us. Hence, the blog.

I also have friends who are sent my column every fortnight. I'll spare them the irritation of receiving it in their mailbox every fortnight and instead give them a chance to read it in their own time on my blog.

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hmmm... said...

welcome to the virtual world of expression!!! looking forward to your posts!